What Is the Motorola SL4000 Two Way Radio?

The sl4000 walkie talkie is the latest digital 2 way radio from Motorola, designed for the concierge marketplace, created for individuals on the move and those that need a light-weight and ‘cell phone’ style digital radio, to complete their work efficiently and converse on the move.

motorola sl4000This is the ideal answer in comparison with other bulky competition, such as DP3400, DP2400 along with the kenwood nextedge two way radios. This modern lightweight radio may be the first to pursue the cell phone direction for 2 way communications. This two way radio in truth is radical, and also the lightest two way radio on the market and the 1st to possess Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth is used for sharing information between two way radios and connecting to other Bluetooth strategy to distribute information in real-time. Connecting radios to each other for swapping and moving data between radios and also to connect bluetooth earpieces to the radio, with a better connectivity different types of work and workers can be more efficient in their jobs and help improve the communication

The Sl4000 radio may be a large success since its release, but having the advantages of a lightweight walkie talkie is useless if it has to be carried around within the hand, The Motorola SL4000 earpiece may be a added extra that really can make radio communication simple and effective.

The connector, although it might look like a standard mp3 jack or much like a sepura connection, it is in truth totally different, and won’t work on any two way radio, especially not the sepura or the Motorola leisure radios.

Live broadcasting is like catching lightening in a bottle; all conditions need to be as close to perfect as Humanly possible. Two-way radios help to make such a demanding task achievable.

For directors, producers and assistants, the ability to speak directly to the assembled professionals is completely indispensable.

Ultimately, co-ordination of talent, equipment and staff coupled with effective time management and supreme professionalism on all fronts makes broadcasting what it is. However, two-way radios make it all a lot easier and create many more opportunities for better work to be done.

Everyone which has used the Sl4000 radio has been surprised that this hasn’t already been designed, and with the mobile phone market a really successful area over the past 10-15 years, the technology must have passed through to the two way radio business much earlier. The best answer to this is, that digital technology has only been available in the radio industry over the past two years, with the surfacing of the DP3400 that has had a fantastic reception with all of the 2 way radio dealers and companies, this new sort of digital two way radio will be set to alter the walkie talkie industry for the better.


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